Quebec 1608
Soldier 1635
1712 Map
2nd Church

La Famille Poulain


Chapter One
Les Premiere Ancetres

Chapter Two
La Vie á Ste-Anne de Beaupre

Chapter Three
Les Beaucerons

Chapter Four
Sujets des Anglais

Chapter Five
Les Americains

The Entire Book

Some Quebecois Folk Songs:

"La Brunette Est Là"
by La Bottine Souriante.

"Vive L'Amour"
by Le Vent du Nord.

Our Picture

We are very fortunate that those
who have gone before us took time,
to study those who went before them,
and pass on their books and notes,
so that we could know about our ancestors.
The Poulains first came to Canada in 1636
and settled in the town of Ste-Anne
De Beaupre located about 20 miles east
of Quebec City. Then the family moved
to the Beauce area, on the Riviere
Chaudiere, south of Quebec.
Generations later, in 1922 our family
moved to Skowhegan Maine in the United
States. Their story is written in five
chapters with an introduction. It starts
in the 17th century and runs through to
those we call "the siblings,"
Which is my father's generation.
Many sources were used to write this.
One account, "Troisieme Centenaire de la
Famille Poulin au Canada, 1639-1939,"
was written by Joseph-Philippe Poulin
and printed in Quebec in 1939.
Another account was written by Yvan
Poulin, "Origine de L’Histoire des Poulin,"
was printed at Sante-Marie, Beauce, June
1991. Also there were many notes by others.
Special thanks to Aunts Solange and Martha.
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